A Christian community in the Diocese of British Columbia
Cursillo BC
Co-Ed Weekend 2017
2016-2017 Cursillo Secretariat
November 2nd through 5th
Camp Imadene
Peter Fowler - Lay Director [email protected]
Rev Rob Hutchison - Spiritual Advisor [email protected]
John Moran - Treasurer [email protected]
Julie Morgan - Pre-Cursillo Director [email protected]
Terry Mikkonen- Post-Cursillo 4th Day Director [email protected]
Jennifer Lennox - Palanca Director
Louise Baines - Communications [email protected]
Neil Mikkonen - Secretary [email protected]
Rev Rob Hutchison - CACS Rep. [email protected]

Non-Executive Members
Neil Mikkonen - Supplies Director contact [email protected]
David Trottier- Cursillo website [email protected]
Reports and Minutes from Secretariat
Meetings can be found here